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FAIR Assessment Tool

Assess your research dataset

The purpose of this Tool is to assess your agriculture research dataset (or other digital resource) against the AgReFed FAIR metrics laid out in the Agricultural Research Federation ( AgReFed ) Data Policy and Process Guidelines.

To use this Tool, please sign in or register as a new user.

Once you are signed into the Tool you will be prompted to provide responses to 14 questions about your data set and its metadata. Once you submit your responses, a report will be generated identifying how and in what ways your dataset is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperation and Reusable). Suggestions will also be offered for improving the FAIRness of your digital resource.

Disclaimer: By using this tool you agree that your dataset FAIR assessment responses will be recorded for the purposes of the AgReFed project. The data collected will provide usage and frequency metrics to assess the impact of the Tool for users. This data will be used to inform research which is being conducted at Federation University and which is used to inform the planning and development of AgReFed and to assess what ways the platform is facilitating data access, data sharing and data reuse for the agriculture industry. This research has received approval from Federation University Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval number: A21-046).

Important information about this research is contained in the Plain Language Information Statement which is available to review in full here.

For further information about the Assessment Tool or the research, or to provide feedback please contact the Federation University-AgReFed team.